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Muk by RayquazaQueen
Muk is awesome. I don't care what anybody says, I think it is adorable.:XD:
Archy by RayquazaQueen
Never finished this drawing, probably never will, so I'm just gonna submit this now. I think I drew it about a year ago or something along the lines of that... I dunno. I like the idea of an Archeops animatronic. It's adorable. Though it wasn't really my idea. Some guy on Miiverse wanted me to draw an Archeops as an animatronic in a comment, which I did. That was a while ago.:XD: And I really liked it. So yeah.
Psycho Grunt by RayquazaQueen
Psycho Grunt
AAAAAHH, Aqua Grunts are so damn adorableeeee~Omg so cute I love 'em too much. >w< THEY'RE TOO CUTE. Too fucking cute. . . I'M FREAKING OUT. GAH.Kao Emoji-93 (Excitement) [V5] 
Drew this in class last week or something. Wish I fixed a couple things, but whatever. I'm still practicing drawing humans, I'm not perfect. ;w;
Plushtrap by RayquazaQueen
JUST A QUICK DRAWING OF PLUSHTRAP DOING SOME KIND OF POSE BECAUSE HE'S SO ADORABLE. Seriously though. I love this little guy so much. It's a mini Springtrap with beady eyes. What is there not to love? >w< I might have to do a more proper drawing of him one time or another.
Demon Lotad by RayquazaQueen
Demon Lotad
Some stupid shit I drew while Shiny Hunting.

And the hunt is still going on.

Lotad won't let me go.

I can't escape from his Hell.

His Hell is my home now.
  • Listening to: Battle! Team Aqua/Magma
  • Reading: Game dialogue.
  • Watching: My 3DS's screen
  • Playing: Pokémon Alpha Sapphire
  • Eating: Sweet potato
  • Drinking: Coffee
I always become too impatient and scares the Pokémon away by accident. ;w; Aw man. I started a new save file on my Alpha Sapphire game and I've been trying to hunt after a Shiny Lotad for days now.:XD: I haven't even made it to Wattson yet and my Combusken is close to evolving already. Though that isn't entirely Lotad's fault... Slateport is one of those places I get "stuck" at, just because I want Team Aqua to stay~ =//w//=

Also... IT'S RAINING A FUCK-TON HERE. The roads have pretty much become rivers. It's kinda funny to watch. Near malls, you might see groceries flowing by.:XD: Or, at least you could. I don't know if that's a thing that is still happening at the current moment. It was, like... yesterday, though.


My name is Aina and I'm 18 years old. I have ADD, hypothyroidism and Autism, more specifically Asperger Syndrome. I'm also rather shy and kinda awkward at times, but I try my best.:XD: Sometimes I can be quite the talker when talking to friends though. Can. Also! There are times where I will be forgetting to reply, which often ends up with me not replying at all. Don't take offense to that, please. I'm not trying to be rude by any means, it's just difficult to reply sometimes.

I have some big anger issues sometimes, but usually, I can control myself just fine.

I tend to swear a lot. There, I gave you some kind of "warning", so don't come around here and complain about my profanity! D:< I will, however, tune down if you really don't like it. Not in a description or whatever, but in replies, comments and notes. :3

I'm weird.

I strongly dislike Yaoi, Yuri and Incest. But if you like it, I won't judge you, of course. We all have our own opinions. Just don't shove it into my face. Please.

I'm a huge Pokémon fan and I love it with all my heart. ovo I also love the Dragon Ball series and the Legend of Zelda. As well as some other stuff, but not a whole lot. Oh, and I'm a fan of Five Nights at Freddy's too.

My absolute favorite Pokémon is Diggersby ~ !:heart: >w< My second and third favorites are Sawk and Nuzleaf Shiftry too~

I'm super obsessive over my favorite characters~:heart: owo

I have a Miiverse too, so if I'm not here, I'm usually there or I could be nowhere. Who knows.

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Happy birthday! Party
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A late thanks to you~ ^^
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Happy birthday~ ! :hug: :D :cake:
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Thank you~! A tad late reply, but I still appreciate it.:aww:
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Hello, sorry if I haven't been talking to you much, I've been kinda side tracked with other things

Anyways, how's things been for you lately?
RayquazaQueen Featured By Owner May 26, 2016
It's already, I'm no netter as I've bern incredibly inactive here.

Well, it's alright, I guess, sort of. Really want to become more active here, but it's been difficult for stupid reasons. =v= And I've had a hard time finishing drawings at home... which is dumb. Home should be the place where I feel comfortable drawing, not the opposite. ;w;
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